By Myne Whitman(
At the first mention of Efe’sname, the next sentences his mother addressed
to him hardly entered Ofure’s brain as a sudden pain intensified in his
skull. He moaned softly. Upstairs Kevwe screamed sharply, “No… No…”
“Are you alright?”
“I’m fine mom but I have to go see Kevwe.”
Ofure rushed up, taking the steps two at the same time and holding his head
in pain. The nurse hurried down going in the oppositedirection.
“What is it?” He heard their mother ask anxiously.
“I can’t tell, just a few minutes ago, his temperature and blood pressure
shut up and he woke up screaming,” the nurse explained hastily, “I want to
call the doctor. He said to call him once the patient regains
Once upstairs, Ofure tried to calm Kevwe down. First, he controlled himself
by taking deep breaths and letting them out slowly.Soon Kevwe stopped
screaming. He opened tearful eyes and looked soulfully at his twin.
“It’s not true, Efe cannot leave me. I won’t believe it.No … No … No
… It’s too painful. I can’t bear it. Please make the pain go away, Ofure
tell me it’s not true. Say it’snot true, say it…” he tried to seat up
but the bandages and POP on various parts of his body wouldn’t permit it so
he demanded instead,”Where is Efe, where is she? I want to hear it from
The tears overflowed his eyes as he looked around blearily. Sighting their
mother at the door, he suddenly cried, “But why? Why would Efe leave me,
why? No … it’s not true,” he muttered shaking his head from side to side.
Ofure led their mum out of the room and closed the door gently after her.
Tears clouding his own eyes, he went back to the bed, placed his palms on
his twin’s forehead and closed his eyes. Before long, Kevwe fell into a
deep and dreamless sleep.By the time the doctor came, his blood pressure
and temperature were almost back to normal and he was sleeping peacefully instead of being unconscious.
Ofure took some painkillers and went into his own room to rest. He knew it
was only because Kevwe was his twin that he had been able to do what he’d
just done. He was good with his sick patients in thehospital but on his
twin, his hands made wounds heal faster and calmed him down. There was no
medical explanation for thephenomena, he had come in contact with other
people who had the same gift. Some of them had been doctors and others were
not. His own twin brother did not possess the gift even though they shared
the bond of telepathy; he knew some other twins hadthe same gift.
When he had felt as if a brick wall had fallen on hima week ago, he knew
instantly what had happened. He was on his rounds in the hospital where
he’d just started his five-year internship but had boarded the next
available flight to Nigeria. He had gotten their phone call in the Paris
layover and reached the hospital even before his parents who had arrived a
day later. The accident hadoccurred just outside Lagos and the Road Safety
officials’ had taken Kevwe to LUTH. The same officialshad also later sent
a message to their parents.
After more than a week at the hospital, both parents had traveled while
he’d remained at his brother’s bedside. Though he’d told no one, Kevwe’s
injuries seemed to have counterpoints in his body and this inflicted him
with a serious headache. Ofure sighed painfully as thoughts of Efe came
into his mind but he deliberately wiped them outso as not to disturb
Kevwe. Soon, he too dozedoff.
BTW, What is the mystery of the bond between twins? Is it stronger than
ordinary familial love? Do you have any special closeness with any of your
siblings? What will you do or have you done for the love of a
brother/sister?… Excerpts from the book