Femi grinned sheepishly as he dropped the call.
“Thanks sweetheart”, He turned to the receptionist and touched her chin. Sarah blushed childishly as she felt his warm handson her face.
“I’ll be in my room….don’t keep me waiting, ok? As soon as yourshift is over…you know where I’ll be. He said and then walked off to his room.
He needed something sweet and youthful, he muttered to himselfas he got into his room. Especially since the Ebere girl had turned him on and left him hanging.Didn’t she know it was a wicked thing to do?Getting a man so far at the edge and then… “mscheww”, he sighed as he took off his clothes.
Well, since he couldn’t get the main courseof the meal that night, he’d settle for desert. Still, he was very sure Sarah wasn’t going to taste as much asthe anticipated Ebere. The thought of Ebere laying flat with thighs wide opened, inviting himin, got him licking his lips. Anyway, he’d manage, he concluded. Sarah had been generous enough to help him out with her boss’s personal number and he intended on returning the favor…….. in kind. She had also provided him with more details about the mysterious Ebere. Only child, parents dead, inherited the wealth including the hotel he was in presently. Well that meant just one thing…the girl was rich. Femi smiled mischievously as it occurred to him that he and his team had found their new target, a very easy and vulnerable one. He took out a piece of paper from his bag and began to jot down what he had learnt about Ebere.C.E.O of Chimamara Group of Company, owner of Ivory Hostels, Graduate at the University ofAbuja, studied Pharmacy, moved to Lagos three years back, slender,5 feet 7inches tall, light skinned, gorgeous boobs, wide swingy waist, big backside, succulent lip, timid eyes. Those eyes….damn! They could see into the soul of anyone. Femi found himself admitting that when she had stared firmly at him,at that precise moment, he had been a bit frightened, like she could see right into his wretched soul and probably figureout that he was an armed robber with a dreadful lust for women but then,what was this feeling he kept having around her? Why did it feel so familiar?
“Shut up, damn it!” he cautioned himself. Ebere! Ebere! Ebere!Was she the only beautiful lady he’d seen? Yea, she was gorgeous but what was with the familiar and non-familiar bullshit?Right now, he should be more concerned in figuring how they are going to help her out of her wealth. His thoughts were soon disrupted by several knocks on the door….
“Who is it? He called out standing briskly by the door.
“It’s the police, open the door” A husky voicecalled out from the corridor.
Femi froze….
“Sir, please open the door, we just want to ask you few questions”, the man called out following several desperate knocks on the door.
Femi’s head spun in all direction with just one word escaping his lips…Police.. Police. He picked upthe pistol from beneath the bed and without thinking, threw it in to the toilet sink. Slowly, with hands shaking and his heart in his mouth waiting to jump out,he opened the door, only to find his friends laughing at him with panic written all over his face.
“Mumu, abeg comot for road jare”, Cashmanlaughed pushing Femi aside from thedoor while P-face followed behind. “See he face” they jeered at him.
“God na go punish both of una this evening. Chai! See as una give me hypertension this evening ….Idiots like una” Femi cursed them, still in shock.
“Hahahahah…so you really think say na police?” P-face asked as they shut the door and boltedit firmly.
“Ehen na…no be you this fool go change yourvoice…mschewww…I swear e be like say make I slap that your ugly face now” Femi lamented moving towards P-face to prove his threat.
“You walka follow woman, na we say make we teach you small pepper. Bullet woman go kill you for this your life o” Cashman warned ashe took out a stick of cigarette out from his pocket andoffered some to hisfriends, who gladly accepted.
“I dey even they expect one sef…wetin be that her name again…Sarah. Ehen, this reminds me, guys, I don get one business for ground” Femi informed them as he took a drag fromthe cigarette.
“Ehen? Which business be that? Abeg give us the details sharp sharp”, P-face inquired excitedly as he pulled a chair from the corner of the bed and sat on it.
“Well, shey una see that babe wey una wan give me hypertension for, na she get this hotel…Not just the hotel sef, Chimamara groups of company, here in Lagos and in Abuja”Femi gave them thedetails of what he had learnt about Ebere and they deliberated on how to get their businesses done.
“But youknow say we no go fit enter her house without knowing the in and out of the place….we sef never get the house address…so how we wan take do am” P-face asked pouring the ashes from his cigarette into the ashtray.