“Make una leave that one to me….I don dey plan the babe matter before I even find out say she be millionaire. So make una no worry, na my bullet be that” Femi suggested and then watched his pals hail him… “Bullet the man, bullet the mad man”
“So how long you think say e go take you to take know the babe place?” Cashman asked standing to take his leave. Femi was about to give his answer when his phone rang.
“Hello, Femi on the line”, Femi answered walking his friends to the door.
“Hi, it’s Ebere…..” then there was a pause.
Femi took the phone from his ear and made a face informing his friends that their target was on the line. They both cheered him on and left.
Putting back the phone in his ears, Femi asked“Ebere, are you still there?
“Yes” she answered
“So, you are calling me…hmmm, I wondered how you figured out my number” Femi asked smirking as he moved towards the toilet to retrieve his gun.
“Well, I used a piece of device that can do the magic” she informed him.
“Really? What kind of deviceis that if I may ask?” Femi wondered. A devicethat could decode aperson’s hidden number would make a wonderful tool in his business. Putting the thought aside, he concentrated on the call. He had to figure out a way to get Ebere to invite him over to her place, which he won’t hesitate to do for a lot of reasons. He licked his lips as the thought of her nude began to cross his mind.
“Are you there?” He heard her soft voice calling out.
“Yea yea…I am. So you were saying you want me to come over to your place?”Femi asked holding his breath for a confirmation. Therewas a long pause and then….
“Yes, this is the address”,she called out her house address “I’ll be expecting you” then there was clickwith Femi grinning in triumph.
Ebere felt her hands shaking as she dropped the call. What was she doing? She asked herself.”Inviting him over to her place? Couldn’t she just go and meet him at thehotel? What the hell was she thinking?She dropped her phone on the cupboard beside her and stilled herself. She pondered on what next to do and if she could pull it off. Her house was twenty minutes ride from the hotel. So she had got twenty minutes to figure out what exactly she should to do or twenty minutes to have a rethink. Twenty minutes to figure out what exactly she wanted before the man she hated and yet felt so attracted to arrived. When he had called her earlier, she had been dumbfoundedand all through their conversation she had found herself imagining what it would be like having to taste his lips.Gosh!Did she just admit that?Or was it herimagination getting a better part of her?Had the memories that had haunted her allthrough her teenage and early adult life gotten her crazy?Was she going nuts?Havingthis intense hate and yet attraction for the man who murdered her parents and then violated her?
She paced around her room trying to figure out what exactly she was feeling. The sooner she could discern her true feelings, the earlier it would be getting rid of that monster, as she had planned. But she also didn’t want to do something she would regret.Was that a second thought she was having?A part of her wanted to see him again, not to punish him, not to drive a knife into his heart but to have his familiar touch, his hands on her chin, his lips she never tasted, his weight,was it heavier now or lighter?She supposed it would be heavier now than before. She had seen the form of his body when he came up close to her and she had seen the heavinessbetween his thigh and the desire in hiseyes. The same desire nine years ago. Knowing that he wanted her again and perceiving his scenthad shifted something in her and she could only find herself wondering if he would be gentler this time. Suddenly the rough images of that night seemed far away…seemed blur and she could imagine herself moan rather than scream or cry.How could she be feelingthis way? Was it even possible?She looked down at her parents’ picture grinning in display on her bed stand and for the first time since that night, she found herself weeping. She knew what sheneeded to…what she had to do.But could she?
Her bedroom telephonebuzzed her back to her senses. Wiping off the tears from her eyes, she picked up the receiver. Her security guard announced the arrival of her guest and then she ordered him to let him through. Dropping the telephone, and then straightening out her seductive nightwear, she took a deep breath and stepped out of her room to see Femi