I sat beside her after puttingon the home video collections I hired because ofher and we started watching.
“You really look gorgeous, especially without your uniform.” I commented and she smiled. When she gazed at her wrist watch the second time within five minutes, I instinctively knew it was time to make my moves as she was consciousof time.
We started the romance session again, but this time around, it was more intense than ever. She didn’t hesitate when I moved the clothes, exposing her feminine curves and a full set of br’easts with thick swollen nipppples. I teased them with my tongue and shelet out light moans, clutching on my head and encouragingme to suck her more. I squeezed her inner thighs, traced the paths on her tommy with my tongue, enjoying the reaction on her as she squirmed and twitched her waist. She was visibly shaking and felt helpless under my touch.
When I moved to pull the pants, she tugged on my hands, resisting it firmly. I didn’t insist, I left the pants and continued my romance with her. When I tried again, she still held on it strongly. Although she had told me she wanted to lose her virginity, I knew when it getsdown to real action, she maydevelop cold feet and opt out. Somehow, deep inside me, I prayed she gets the cold feet. I was enjoying what we were doing, and finding it hard to come to terms with the real deal of dis-virgining her. We continued the hot romance for half an hour. Then she broke away from me, looked me into the eyes like she was looking for answers there.
“don’t hurt me.” She said asshe slipped her hands into her waist and pulled down her pants.
Liver cut me!
My heart started beating faster. All the feeling of guilt came down heavy on me, likeI was about to commit an unforgivable sin. I moved closer to her and started thekissing and sucking over again. I moved my hands down her laps and caressed it and she spread it wider onthe bed.
But something was wrong!
I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t feel the pressure down on my dkk again; it was as limp as a pound of flesh with no muscles or bones. I tried to arouse it, brushing it on her succulent laps but it didn’t respond. I tried harder, teasing and sucking her brea’st, moving my hips against her spread thighs like I was fcking, but all was unsuccessful.
I became alarmed. I broke away from her and sat on the bed. It was embarrassing.
“what’s wrong?” Omore asked.
“Nothing.” I answered and walked into my bathroom. I removed my boxers and stared at the limp flesh in between my legs. I tried caressing it a bit, but the awkward feeling made it more limp as it shrank a bit inside.
I came out from the bathroomwith a defeated look; worry mixed with embarrassment. She kept asking what was wrong and I kept telling her nothing.
“did I say anything you didn’t like?” she asked innocently.
“its not you, its me. I don’t think I can do this.” I answered her.
“Why?” she asked again, looking into my eyes as if the answers where there.
I lay on my bed that night sleepless. It was almost 8 hours after the Omore embarrassing show, I was yet to have an er.ect’ion. I was worried, then started becoming troubled. I slotted in the Indecency I had in my room and watched it. I movedfrom one episode to another;Triple Sins, lesbians and so on, but my dikk was as limp as a flat tire. I started getting scared.
When in the morning of the next day, I didn’t get the usual morning e.rec.ti’on I used to get, I became scared! At work, I was a bit nervous. Paying attention to my dkk at intervals to note ifit was heavy, but it wasn’t. at the end of work, I had to talk to Mike, my friend. He laughed it off and told me it was usual to get a cold dikk from time to time. He told me it was all due to my state of mind. Maybe I didn’t have a relaxed state of mind, maybeI was battling with guilt of stm.affi’ng that young girl.
I felt better after speaking with Mike. We went out and had lots of drinks that night. I slept off when I got to my room. When I woke up midnight to pee, I noticed a small Attention, not much though. I was relieved, although I still had some worries.
“You slept with Omore?”
It was Sandra asking the question. She didn’t look angry; infact, she was smiling as she approached my table with the news. Maybe it was a breaking news in their network news that is filled with lies and halftruths.
“How did you hear that wan?” I asked her.
“Her friend that covered for her when she came to your place told me.” She said.
“How was it?” she asked.
“I didn’t sleep with her, she was a virgin.” I answered, as if that was the reason. How was I to tell her that I went limp when it was time for action.
“I thought you liked her like that. I know she told you I was a sl.ut so I felt you preferred virgins.” She asked, laughing at me like she was saying; I told you.
She leaned and rested her bossom on me as she laughed.