(Thompson, wearing a trouserand a jersey, is seen jogging and stops in front of a house. A woman comes out of the house, holding her handbag and busy with her cell phone. He clears his throat and quickly walks up to her)
THOMPSON: Em…hello. Good morning.
FUNMI: Morning. (There is a brief and awkward silence.)
THOMPSON: I’m Thompson. Nice meeting you. (They shakehands.)
FUNMI: I’m Funmi. Oh…are you the new neighbour that just moved into our street?
THOMPSON: Exactly.
FUNMI: You are welcome.
THOMPSON: Thanks. You really look beautiful. I mean you are every man’s…
FUNMI: Em…thank you. I’m already late to work…
THOMPSON: I guess you are single, right?
FUNMI: I beg your pardon. That sounds rude for someone you are just meetingfor the first time.
THOMPSON: Nothing new under the sun. That’s why people say love at first sight.
FUNMI: I’m sorry but I am happily married with two lovely kids. (She shows him her ring finger.) I would like you to respect that.
THOMPSON: (Shocked) Two…two lovely kids? That’s…that’s…and this is your husband’s house?
FUNMI: (scoffs) You sound scary. I would love you to excuse me. (Looks at her wristwatch and leaves for work)
(Thompson, in his short and t-shirt, washes his face into abowl and sits in front of his mirror, staring at his image.)
THOMPSON: I can’t believe sheis married…
IMAGE: Thompson! I hope you see what I’m seeing. That is your dream!
THOMPSON: I don’t understand.
IMAGE: Don’t sound dumb. All you’ve ever wanted is what her husband has! You name it- a beautiful wife, two lovely kids, a house of your own and…he probably has a nice job for him to have that house. And you know what; heshould be in your age range. Your next door neighbour is living out your dream!
THOMPSON: So…so what can I do? What should I do?
IMAGE: You don’t deserve your present state, Thompson. Have you asked too much from life? Many want to become the President, the governor, the CEO of a bank, a world-class surgeon and soon; but all you asked for is a comfortable life. But life was unfair to you; it made you very plain, not that intelligent and presently jobless. It madeyour friends run away from you thinking you are crazy. Your dream life is just a stonethrow from you. What matters is if you are brave enough to get it.
THOMPSON: (Taps the table) I am brave enough. What can I do?
IMAGE: That man is basically sleeping with your wife, fathering your children and staying in your house! You need to get him out of there…you need to take him out…
THOMPSON: how do I take him out?
IMAGE: Are you asking me?