All of a sudden, likean electric current just flowed to my dkk, I got a full-blown er.ect’ion! It was so hard that it became a bit painful. I was excited and I didn’t border hiding it. She looked down on it as if she was expecting to see it, and she continued her laughter again when she saw the bulge showing on my trousers.
“so, why did you cancel our meeting the other day?” sheasked.
I insisted I was busy and that I didn’t do it intentionally. Finally, Sandra and I rescheduled; this time around, I made sure I cleared my schedule and waited for her. She had given my dikk a spark of lifeonce more, and I was ready to explore it to the fullest.
She came as she promised. Itwas difficult to tell she was asecondary school student with her new apparel. She was dressed in maxi-gown that highlighted all her feminine features. I got an immediate Attention when shesprawled on the bed, like she was exhausted from a long journey. She headed to my fridge and helped herselfwith can star. We engaged inlight talks before I made my move on her.
I didn’t spend much time kissing on her lips, I eased the maxi-gown off her shoulders and reached for her bra. In one precise attempt, the bra was loosened and the br’ea’st were freed. I humped on one and started sucking almost immediately. The Attention onmy dkk was full-blown and was pushing against my trousers. Sandra was not passive in bed like Omore; she was active. I guess that made the difference as her hands moving all over my body made me maintain the full Attention past the romance period to the action time. I gently slipped down her pants, wore my condom and thrusted into her with full energy. She moaned and reached for my Tip immediately. With her legs spread widely and resting onthe wall, she teased my Tip with her tongue as I thumpedinto her fragile and warm c’u.nt. despite all the slutty stories I’ve heard about her, she was still tight and I could feel every single twist from the muscles of her veegay. When the tempo became high, she crossed her legs over my a’rse, holding firm on it with her hands as she rocked her Bottom against my d’kk. She knew exactly what she was doing, and it worked perfectly on me. I couldn’t stand the pleasure from the ar’se caress and Tip sucking she was giving me. I twitched in spasm as I thrustfirmly and passionately into her, over and over again until she let out a loud moan and we both came.
We lay exhausted on the bed. I was excited as I kissed her and smiled. I was actually acting like a teenager who just had a successful sex for the first time. All feelings of embarrassment and worries Ihad with Omore just disappeared; I was okk, and I’ve found my libido once more.
Moments later, she crawled on top of me. She bent and started teasing my ni’pp’le with her tongue. Then she moved her hands down to my dkk and started caressing it slowly. It responded fully, an soon became turgid with each stroke. I jerked my hips forward and downwards as she did her magic on it. Thenshe bent over, held the tip against her lips and teased it with her tongue. Gradually,she inserted the entire length of the dikk into her mouth, rubbing her tongue and lips against it.
When she was done straining all the muscles of my d’kk, she picked up a condom and fixed it on me. Then she mounted on top mydikk, gradually inserting it into her spread legs and saton it. She rested her hands on my chest and jerked her hips forward and backwards.Then she held on me stronger as she rose and landed on it; repeating the process over and over again until I couldn’t take it more; she was driving me mad with pleasure; and I kept wondering how a teenager could be this good,confident and skillful on a man’s dikkk.
I expected he news of my sexcapade with Sandra to fillthe school; but I didn’t hear of it. I had expressed my fears over it with Sandra and she assured me she wasn’t going to say anything. She informed me that the news that leaks to the network was always froma third party. We had few more flings that went smooth.
Then Omore came back to the picture; like a resurrected case. It felt awkward talking about the last time with her, so I avoided the topic. Then she told me she would like to come to my house the next day.i was surprised and speechless, I didn’t know how to take the news.
“don’t worry, I’m no longer avirgin.” She said to me.