The next week at school, she told me how disappointed she was. She said she had already perfected her lies and plans and it worked, only for me not to be around.
I didn’t border explaining stuffs for her. I had a bitter experience with my neighborand her roommate that weekend. I slept with their friend after the outing with them that night, and they wanted to tear the girl apart.It caused a scene and I tried to handle the matter maturely.
After the incidence, I started losing interest in Sandra. She must have noticed it as she stopped coming tome often. I started telling her offand resumed spending quality time with Omore. Finally, the weaker part of me was winning the war; the spirit is becoming stronger than the flesh: Allelujah!!!
Omore knew I was recently close to Sandra. She asked why I was detesting her all of a sudden and I told her I wasn’t detesting Sandra. Shelooked at me like she doesn’t believe what I told her.
“Its normal for guys to detest girls after sleeping with them.” She said. Her comment caught me off-guard. She actually thought I slept with Sandra and as had dumped her.
“My mum told me that anytime a guy sleeps with you, he takes back his missing rib from you and will have no need for you again.” She said to me, this time around, I was dumbfounded. I wanted to deny sleeping with Sandra but I couldn’t. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out.
“Why do guys act like that?”she asked.
I blinked twice in quick succession like something just fell into my eyes. She was really sure I had slept with Sandra.
“Who told you I slept with Sandra?” I finally managed to ask her.
“It’s the gist in the network.” She said to me. Bynetwork, she meant the cycleof gossips going around the school. If I and Sandra had made the morning gossip network of the Girls secondary school, there wasno way I was going to prove I didn’t do it. They believed in their gossips so much. ButI managed to deny the accusation, not that I expected her to believe me, but for the record.
“I didn’t sleep with Sandra.” I told her. “And what your mum told you about guys is just another way of discouraging you from guys and sex.” I concluded.
“But she is right, look at youand Sandra now. . .”
Oh boy! This was a lost cause! I gave up.
“I will never let any boy treat me like that, I will keep myself to my husband and tomy husband alone.” She proclaimed.
“You’re a virgin?” I blurted out. It was a stupid question to ask, after seeing all the signs.
“yes, of course. And I’m keeping myself to my future husband!” she proclaimed, with shoulders high, and a satisfactory smile. Then I said something stupid, more stupid than the previous question.
“Virginity is not dignity, dignity of a woman is in her heart, and not in-between her legs.” I said rudely to her. I was angry, angered bythe way she was trying to slant other non-virgins, I wanted to burst her bubble. Ishould have let her carry onher shoulders high, I should have let her believe in what she believed in. She looked at me like she couldn’t believe her ears; like all shebelieved to be true had just been proven false by me.
“d..don’t you w.waant to.. to…to marry a ve..vee…virgin?” she stuttered as she asked.
“For what?” I shrugged my shoulders.
“I have better things to do on my honeymoon than nurse a wound from a virgin.I intend to enjoy my honeymoon, not nurse a wound from a virgin who hadbecome sore.”I said and walked away from the lab, leaving her staring blankly on the desk.
When she met me the following day, she looked sober. After minutes of light talks, I asked what was bordering her. She chewed her pen for some minutes before opening up to me.
“I want to lose my virginity. ..”
________________________________ To b e continued. . .