A young man becomes deranged after losing his job. He starts seeing hisnew neighbour as his greatest enemy as a result of self-deception. On getting to know his ‘neighbour’s wife’, he discovers real paranoia.
Thompson- A plain man in his early 30s, with moustache anda sparkle in his eyes
Funmi- A pretty lady in her late 20s, with a slightly unkempt hairdo and a quirky smile
Mrs Eze- A woman in her early 40s, well-dressed in a corporate sense
(Thompson’s) image- Same asThompson
(Thompson, wearing a short and t-shirt, is in deep thoughts on his mattress. He rolls from one side of the bed to another with tears rolling down his eyes. He flashes back:
MRS.EZE: So, where do you see yourself in the next…say five years?
THOMPSON: I can’t really say. Five years is not that long. Mypersonal target is to have achieved some things by age 30.
MRS. EZE: May I know those things?
THOMPSON: Well, I see myself…you know…having a beautiful wife with two lovely kids, a house that’s mine, doing a lucrative job I love and…and…that’s it.
MRS. EZE: That’s it?
THOMPSON: yes, that’s it.
(He stands up weakly from thebed, staring at his image in the mirror. He then picks a paper and pen and writes down some things. He stares at the mirror again.)
THOMPSON: All my dreams are just…dreams that they are. They are not real…
IMAGE: Who told you so? Thompson! When did you become this faint-hearted? The fact that you are above thirty doesn’t mean you can’t achieve all your dreams. It’s never too late. Don’t give up.
THOMPSON: (sobs) I sincerely think it is too late.
IMAGE: It isn’t! Stop that! You can start achieving your dreams…starting from now.
THOMPSON: How is that possible? I just got laid off from work last…
IMAGE: (interrupts) so? Remember the pretty lady you saw during yesterday’s morning exercise…
(Thompson is seen jogging and suddenly stops. He fixes his gaze at a woman who is onher way to work and then smiles to himself.)
IMAGE: What stops her from being your wife? The mistake people make in life is to be rigid about everything. Don’t! You don’t have to start with awell-paid job before you startdoing other things that matter.Go for it! Go for it!
THOMPSON: Okay…okay, I will go for it. (His image smiles)