Maybe she could be his ‘hostess’ anytime he visited Lagos. The thoughtsounded appealing….but wasn’t that what he’d been trying to avoid…A girlfriend? Getting Shade off his ass hadn’t been easy and now he was thinking of having one?
Soon, she was out of the bathroom, dressed differently no less seductively than when she was in the bikinis. Ignoringhis presence, she hurried down to theparking lot.
“All I just want is your name….and of course your number”, Femi called out behind her. She seemed to be more concerned about opening the door of her car thanwith him, but when she finally did, she slipped into it. Femi sighed but he knewit wasn’t over yet. There was no way he was going to give up, not especially when he hadn’t gotten whathe wanted. He stood and watched her pull her car out of the drive way and just when he was about to walk back into the hotel, he heard her yell…
“I’m Ebere….my name is Ebere”
And then she drove off…..
Ebere watched the retreating figure from her review mirror and smiled.First stage……completed, she applauded herself. She sighed as she took a deep breath and then relaxed her nerves. At first, she had thought she couldn’t do it, not when she had comeface to face with him. She had held her breath the whole time and when he had mentioned her being familiar, she had panicked thinking he would figure her out as the little girl he raped nine years before.The bastard couldn’t even remember…She recalled the first time she had seen him in the hotel, the idiot didn’t even know she owned it.
Her father had been lavishly rich and invested a lot in real estate businesses. Ivory Hotels was one of his establishments in Lagos and had rightly willed it to her being the only child. After her parents’ death, she had muted up, lost in her self-revenge to get her parents’ killer. After paving her way through the university, hoping maybe along the way as she grew older, the hate she felt will fade off, she had idly moved to Lagosafter graduation and continued her father’s legacy untilshe saw him there in her bar with the two other monsters. Watching him look close up at every visit he made to thehotel from her office, which she had constructed like a hideout, secretly viewing every activity at the hotel, the rage she had thought had abated over the years had comerushing back like a biting cold that can never feel warmth. It had become her obsession and her nightmares of the beast had grown more disturbing andalthough, she knewshe needed psychiatric help, she relied more on her will power to see the end of it- the pleasure she would feel in watching him sufferin her hands. Of course, at first, she thought of calling the police but decided against it.What could they do?It was her wordagainst his and even if they were successful at discovering his crimes, his punishment would be too easy, his death too brief. If he had to feel pain and suffer like she did in all those years and especially on the night he violated her, she wanted to be the one to inflict the pain and she couldn’t wait to seeit, the suffering in his dark brown eyes and pull at his daunting cheeks and goatee. Most especially, his cry for help or plea as she drives a knife through his heart…. The angry horns of vehicles behind her got her jolting back to reality and she pulled her car into further motion.
He liked women….that’s an understatement…he loved women, and she had observed he couldn’t take his eyes off her at every turn she made. Even though she needed his focus on her to make her plan work, she couldn’t help but admit the unease she felt having to know he was watching her like a hawk waiting to snatch up a chickbut in its own twisted way, she liked it.…”Huh?”shequeried herself as she drove into her compound and got out of the car.“Liked it? What could she probably like in the fact that the man who violated her was taking interest in her again? Well, isn’tthat what she wanted?” “Damn!”She checked her head again, as she got into her house and moved swiftly into the kitchen. Her apartment was richly surfaced with Italian cushions andsofas held in a concave position with a glass table inthe middle held firmly on smoothly tiled and tinted floors, whose color matched that of the Golden lantern pitched up in the colored ceiling. Opening the refrigerator, she took out a glass and poured herself some juice and thenresumed her controversial thoughts.
“Get a grip on yourself Ebere” “what if he had smiled? What’s the big deal in that?”she scolded herself.
Admittedly, she had never thought a beast like him could smile and look so youthful and charming… “Charming? What the hell is she thinking?”she screamed as she dropped down the glass.“Did she just think him charming?”No, no, she had to rid herself from these stupid thoughts if she was going to move to the next step, and concentrate firmly on the task ahead, not thoughts like charming.