By Iwediokpulu Quincy. K. Of

It was a perfectly articulated and executed plan. Arrive quietly at thehouse, sneak into the compound, thenwith the gun-silencer, shoot off the noisy dogs, then sneak up on the tipsy security guard and tie him up, mostly his mouth, then invade the house…. It has been a fun night. Everything was a success, Femi smiled as the recalled the night. He had always enjoyed the thrill ofsneaking up on people especially atnight, which provided convenient cover and most of all, disguise. The PowerHolding Company even made it much easier for them. With the three of them, he Bullet, P-face and Cashman as they like to call themselves, expertly climbing over the fence, it was like the movei, mission impossible…but theirs, Mission completed!. No one suspected a thing and of course the occupants of the house were very co-operative, easy come easy go, the guns did the trick and with the briefcase held comfortably, it was a done deal.
But something was wrong; Femi frowned as he gulped down the last pinch of his beer and stared at the scattered currencies on his bed.“Why did he feel like crap?”This wasn’t the first time, he’d done a clean job with a little taste on the side and definitely wasn’t going to be the last time,so what was it?What’sup with the rubbish self guilt all of a sudden?He sighed exhaustively as he put the bottle away on the floor. Suddenly, there was a tap on the door. He jerked in shock and then stared at the clock on his wall which literally told him it was past dawn, 6:17am to be precise, but still, it was a bit too early for visitors and he wasn’t expecting any. Quickly, he gathered up the nairas on his bed and forced them into a polythene bag. Anticipating where to hide the bag, he drew it quickly beneath his bed and composed himself. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door with a quick smile. His smile soon faded into a frown when he saw Shadegrinning at him witha mini bag on her shoulder.
“Are you going to let me in ornot?” She asked pushing pass him obviously not waiting for an invitation.
Making aface, Femi closed the door and staredback at his girlfriend, who was conveniently making herself comfortable.
“What are you doing here?I wasn’t expecting you till Sunday and for God’s sake you woke me up” Femi lied, rubbing off what should be the supposed sleep from his eyes.
“Well I changed my mind, couldn’t wait till Sunday to be with you”, Shade answered circling up to him seductively.
“Ehen? And you didn’t bother to call me first to tell me?” Femi asked taking her hands off his body still requiring an explanation for her impromptu visit.He didn’t want her coming un-announced. Surprises weren’t his thing and Shadeknew that. What if she were to just barge in and come face to face with his ‘accessories’, what was going to happen then? He had told her no surprises and he meant it.
“But I called you…several times, but you wouldn’t pick. I even left a message, didn’t youget it?” Shade asked still roaming her hands around him trying to get hisattention.
Right, hisphone…Femi pulled Shade to the side and began to search for it. Since his arrival, he hadn’t even thought of it. As soon as the dough was split, and his pals had left, he had done nothing but wonder at the crap he was feeling.He found it by the side of his television; the phone had obviously slipped off after several vibrations.
“See? I called you, so can we get back to business?” Shade asked taking off her clothes, exposing the lace bra that held her round breasts. Her skirt came off and Femi felt himself stand up in salute as a small groan escaped his lips. He had an unquenchable sexual desire, and somehow he knew one day it was going to get him into trouble…if it hadn’t already.