I begged my mind not to think of it but it disobeyed.Apparently i had to get a date and all compasses pointed to mary! I was going on a dinner date with a nun,damn!
Anyways beggers can’t be chosers so i had to stick with what i got.My mind-ranting of mary’s sense of dressing had made me ignore one minute detail which now stood nude before me.How was i going to ask her out?
I could only thing of a way to do it;text messaging.I checked the time on my clock.It said 9pm,good!She must have slept,i thought.Better to send it right away and when she wakes up the following day,she wouldn’t want to disappoint me as i purposely clearly stated that the party was the next day and she was the only one i had in mind.
Just as i dropped my phone after sending the text,i heard p-square’s danger;my ring tone.Jeez! It was mary calling.What now?