I swear,i almost said let’s get back together.It must have taken me a while to find myself back as i heard her say ‘Hello’ again,like a frustrated person.
‘Hi marris’ i said,like the network had been bad’can you hear me now?’
‘yeah i can’the sweetness was gettingdeeper. ‘what’s up?’
‘nothing much.Just haven’t heard from you for sometime now.was wondering how you were doin’ liar!
‘aww…that’s sweet.Thanks’she responded like she meant it.
‘anyway,where are youat?’i asked smoothly.
‘In lag’
Don’t know why but i felt devastated.she was my best option and now she was morethan four hours plus lots of terrible roads away from the university of Benin.
I had to move past my disappointment as the party was just the next day.Now i just had one last option;Marbel and it was certain she was going to say yes if i lether.What other choice do i?i had to.
‘marbel hi’ i said into my phone like someoneforced me to.
‘Johnson!’ she screamed and i almost cutoff the call.’you remembered me today.what happened?where are you?i want to see you.Aww,it’s so unfortunate that am not in Benin right now’
Her last words hit me like a rock and that moment,i felt like Buhari must have felt when the last election results were called.I was going to go dateless?