(It’s 12.00 am. Femi and Ronkeare in their room. Mrs Kuforiji is almost asleep in the sitting room when there is a knock atthe door. She opens it and finds her drunken husband, soaked in beer and staggering into the house. Shecloses the door gently.)
MRS KUFORIJI: (perceives the acrid smell) Jesus! Where are you coming from by this time? And who gave you beer to drink? Ehn?! Dear, where are you…?
MR KUFORIJI: (cuts in) And how is that your business? Hmm? I am an adult and I can decide when to…to come home myself,okay? Get out of my way…
MRS KUFORIJI: Where are you coming from? I want to know the stupid person that is making you go back to your drinking problem.
MR KUFORIJI: Are you drunk? Can’t I relax with just ten bottles, twelve bottles or fifteen bottles? Even Jesus Himself sipped wine at the cross. Abeg comot for road before I ‘woze’ you slap.
MRS KUFORIJI: Dear, I know you are not… (Notices a ‘lipstick’ mark on his shirt) Tell me where you are coming from if you want me to pave way!
MR KUFORIJI: Are you high? I say comot for road!
MRS KUFORIJI: I am not… (He dashes her hot slap on the cheek and she staggers. Femi comes out of his bedroom.)
FEMI: Hope no problem, mummy?
MRS KUFORIJI: (forges a smile) Em…nothing…serious. Mum anddad are just having an argument. Go back to your room and sleep well, okay?
FEMI: Okay ma. (He goes back to the room and his mother locks the door to the room)
MR KUFORIJI: (belches) Your mother is the cause of my problems…
MRS KUFORIJI: (angrily) And how am I the cause of the problems of a drunkard who keeps cheating with women of low self-esteem?!
MR KUFORIJI: I will not take any…any insult from you again. Shut up and sleep.
MRS KUFORIJI: You are a shameless man. No responsible man will come home to his children smelling like rotten egg. (He picks a glass cup from the centre table and smashes it on her head. She falls down bleeding in her forehead. He pulls her hair and starts dragging her to the bedroom.)
MR KUFORIJI: Wicked woman. You don’t want me to progress, abi? I will finish youtoday.
MRS KUFORIJI: Leave me alone!Leave me alone! (Femi tries opening the door to no avail.)
MR KUFORIJI: Today is the day of judgment. You will pay for your sins.
MRS KUFORIJI: (crying) Let me be! Leave me! (He pulls her into the bedroom and locks the door. His wife quickly regains strength and picks a shotgun kept at a corner in the wardrobe.)
MR KUFORIJI: What are you holding?
MRS KUFORIJI: (more confidently) What does it look like? Get back and hurt me no more. Is that clear?
MR KUFORIJI: (laughs hysterically) Do you really think I’m scared of you? Do you even know how to use it?Do you even know how to remove it from safety mode? Give it to me. (Walks towards her while she points it at him) Witch, give it to me!
MRS KUFORIJI: Stay back! I say stay back!
(Femi is awake in his bed when he hears a gunshot! He stands up in fear from the bed. Ronke is deeply asleep. )
FEMI: (softly) Daddy, mummy, is everything okay? Hello?
*Light out*
Garden love was written by oludesuolusola. Reach him at oludesuolusola@yahoo.com