(There is a knock at the door of a well-furnished apartment.A fair-complexioned lady in a green dress opens it.)
MR KUFORIJI: (softly) Good afternoon.
NGOZI: (with a broad smile) Afternoon. I knew you would come back.
MR KUFORIJI: Would you pleaselet me in?
NGOZI: Of course.
(Mr Kuforiji is busy devouring pounded yam and vegetable soup with stock fish in the well-furnished sitting room with Ngozi seated beside him, looking into his eyes.)
NGOZI: You look tired.
MR KUFORIJI: -Very tired.
NGOZI: Do you enjoy the food?
MR KUFORIJI: Of course. Thesevegetables are…out of this world.
NGOZI: Have you easily forgotten how you were always eager to eat my food at Poly? (He nods quickly)
NGOZI: I remember those days when we were the ‘most popular couple’ in school. I miss those days.
MR KUFORIJI: Me too. It’s a pitythings didn’t turn out as planned.
NGOZI: But it’s never too late. Dele, I am still single. It’s not for nothing. I love you. I am willing to share the little I have with you.
MR KUFORIJI: Ngozi, you know Idon’t like revisiting this topic. I love you too but I’m married.
NGOZI: So? You want me to be the ‘other woman’ forever? There are certain points in our lives that we have to takebold steps. This is one for you.
MR KUFORIJI: Don’t worry, all will be well.
NGOZI: (sighs) I hope you will spend the night here.
MR KUFORIJI: And what should Itell madam at home? (Looks at the wall clock) it’s just 4:30. I would leave here by 11.00. So, we have enough time together.
NGOZI: hmm…okay. But I hope things change because we can’t just continue like this forever. (Pauses) Anyway, I have some bottles of Star in my fridge.
MR KUFORIJI: Hmm…you still remember my favourite beer but…but I don’t really do that again.
NGOZI: You mean your wife also banned you from drinking? (Rolls her eyes) Shereally has turned you into a sad sack. The Dele I loved at Poly was the bubbly type. What happened?
MR KUFORIJI: You know…certain things you drop for marriage…
NGOZI: Marriage is not about losing your identity. Dele, let me get you some bottles…
MR KUFORIJI: (with a broad smile) You want to remind me of my drinking days abi? (Ngozi stands up laughing andgoes to the refrigerator to pick some bottles of beer.)