I stared long at the caption ‘DLCF DINNER PARTY’ on the card as i contemplated on who to take as my date.What the hell was DLCF by the way?i never really asked Ayo what it meant cos i didn’t think it mattered.Anyways,the issue at hand was getting an apt date for the party.I had a couple of persons i could call but didn’t know who to call precisely.
There was Marrissa;my ex.Classy,stylish and a little too much for my taste but that wouldn’t be a problem in this case,afterall it was just a party.
Then there was Marbel,the girl i probably would have hated but for her beauty.She was a pest in my life and i feared that inviting her to the party would give her some crazy ideas and re-ignite her stupid advances,otherwise she was my first choice.
Finally,there was Mary.pretty,gentle,intelligent but lacked the sense of dressing where it mattered most.To be frank,i wouldn’t want to go with her.Imagine myself,well dressed in a dinner party with a francesca nun.Don’t let me say God forbid.
I picked up my phone and dialled marrissa’s number.’Hello!…’i heard that pretty voice i have missed.