I actually spent an hour cleaning my shoe like my life depended on it. I had ironed my last xmas polo and my well-starched pens trousers the previous day. I was definitely going to get a lot of attention tomorrow at the DLCF dinner party.
I remembered the last dinner party i attended. The moment i was hand the invitation from olu’s mouth,i shouted ‘dinner party!’.On the day of the dinner party,i embarked on a partial food strike. I was ready to baptised myself with food at the party.True to my expectations,there were lots of food on the tables.It was like a lovefeast but i couldn’t enter.Where everyone where dressed smart in tux and dinner gowns,i was wearing a three-year old school native plus i was without a date.
This time i was ready for them.I even planned to mix three wicked perfumes.i got a shade;even though it was a night event and my allstars was ever ready.I almost forgot one last thing;a date!.. Who would that be?……