A chain of events unfold the imperfection in a close-knit family within a short time.
Mr Kuforiji- A tall man in his late 30s
Mrs Kuforiji- A woman in her mid-30s
Femi- A 10-year old boy
Ronke- A 12-year old girl
Ngozi- A fair-complexioned woman in her early 30s
(It’s Friday evening. Mrs Kuforiji, in a black blouse and tight trousers, comes out of the bungalow, holding a basket. With her long black hair pulled to the back, she walks to the adjacent side of the building, which is a vegetable garden, and starts to harvest some vegetables into the basket.)
(In the dining room of the Kuforijis, everyone is busy eating their supper- rice and vegetables. Only the sound ofspoons can be heard.)
MR KUFORIJI: (breaks the silence) I must say…this is delicious.
MRS KUFORIJI: Thank you.
RONKE: (with a broad smile) Dad never said you are a good cook…
MRS KUFORIJI: Don’t be naughty, Ronke.
MR KUFORIJI: My daughter is right. I may be commending thefreshness of the vegetables, not your culinary skills.
MRS KUFORIJI: Whatever. But it’s a widely known fact in thishouse that I am a very good cook.
RONKE: (with her pupils dilating) We know.
MR KUFORIJI: Dear, you may not know to what length I appreciate these vegetables in our meal but they really help me pull through these hard times.
MRS KUFORIJI: (munching some food, nods) hm-hm. So, how isyour new job?
MR KUFORIJI: Not as good as the old one…and very strenuous.
RONKE: (cuts in) Daddy, did you hear about the armed robbers that came to this street yester night?
MRS KUFORIJI: Oh, that’s true. They visited Chief Arowolo’s house and took a lot of moneyand expensive gadgets, so I heard. I even heard they raped his daughter…
MR KUFORIJI: (teases her) I know you will always hear everything…
MRS KUFORIJI: Dear, this isn’t a jokey matter. We have to becautious…
MR KUFORIJI: There is no needto fear. We are safe. Let’s just ensure we lock the gate and the doors every night. Unwanted visitors dare not enter my house, not when I have something to scare themaway…
RONKE: Something like a…kitchen knife?
MR KUFORIJI: No dear, something…a bit scarier, something that uses bullets…
MRS KUFORIJI: Darling? Do you really think it’s a good idea tokeep such in the house?
MR KUFORIJI: Very good idea. Don’t worry, the children can’thave access to it; it’s in our bedroom. It helps to guaranteesafety.
MRS KUFORIJI: okay. (Notices Femi has been quiet) Femi, hope no problem?
FEMI: (gently) Nothing.
MR KUFORIJI: Leave my son alone. He is a gentle boy.
MRS KUFORIJI: Oya Femi, eat your food; it must not waste oh.
(Femi flashes back:
DARE: (stares angrily at him) What did you say?
FEMI: I said I can’t give you. Isthat too difficult for you to understand?
(Dare lands a heavy blow on his cheek and he falls on the ground with a thud. He tries tostand up and a kick goes into his stomach and another blow on his face.)
RONKE: Femi, eat your food. (He ignores his elder sister.)
MR KUFORIJI: How was school today?
FEMI: (sadly) As usual.
MR KUFORIJI: Good. (Everybodycontinues eating.)